E.G.W. “Christ’s Object Lessons,” Remastered

You’re listening to A remastered version of Ellen G. White’s Christ Object Lessons.

Chapter 1 00:00 —Teaching in Parables
Chapter 2 00:16:39 —“The Sower Went Forth to Sow”
Chapter 3 01:11:40 —“First the Blade, Then the Ear”
Chapter 4 01:22:35 —Tares
Chapter 5 01:31:14 —“Like a Grain of Mustard Seed”
Chapter 6 01:39:08 —Other Lessons from Seed-Sowing
Chapter 7 01:57:10 —Like Unto Leaven
Chapter 8 02:10:11 —Hidden Treasure
Chapter 9 02:33:29 —The Pearl
Chapter 10 02:45:19 —The Net
Chapter 11 02:48:09 —Things New and Old
Chapter 12 03:09:04 —Asking to Give
Chapter 13 03:33:08 —Two Worshipers
Chapter 14 04:01:17 —“Shall Not God Avenge His Own?”
Chapter 15 04:34:13 —“This Man Receiveth Sinners”
Chapter 16 04:59:40 —“Lost, and Is Found”
Chapter 17 05:24:20 —“Spare it this Year Also”
Chapter 18 05:36:58 —“Go Into the Highways and Hedges”
Chapter 19 06:12:47 —The Measure of Forgiveness
Chapter 20 06:29:02 —Gain that is Loss
Chapter 21 06:41:40 —“A Great Gulf Fixed”
Chapter 22 07:05:30 —Saying and Doing
Chapter 23 07:28:43 —The Lord’s Vineyard
Chapter 24 08:16:47 —Without a Wedding Garment
Chapter 25 10:03:08 —Talents
Chapter 26 10:03:10 —“Friends by the Mammon of Unrighteousness”
Chapter 27 10:20:10 —“Who is My Neighbor?”
Chapter 28 10:44:45 —The Reward of Grace
Chapter 29 11:12:05 —“To Meet the Bridegroom”

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