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Hello, My Name Is Angel

When I started the ministry it was just my family. My wife, my son, and I. But in the past year and a half the ministry has grown with over 50 volunteers around the world with the mission to serve God voluntarily.  God raised our ministry to help establish outposts according to the guide taught by the Madison school. We implement blueprint outposts.

My whole life I’ve been an independent guy. If I wanted to do something I will do my research, start knocking on doors, find connections and get the projects started through completion. As God opens doors and provides more connections we’ve grown faster than I ever imagined. My connection when I got started was uncle David Gates. We started working with Uncle David in Bolivia and asked him to connect me with someone in Pakistan, and here we are.

More About Special Forces Ministry International

We officially started as a family ministry in December 2019, under the convictions of doing Medical Missionary work in Pakistan. After starting our work in Pakistan we noticed we lacked willing volunteers to serve as Missionaries. As we continued, we began doing research and following the counsels found on the book called “Madison School.” Soon, we started looking into building Outpost training centers where we could teach people how they can serve God through missionary service in remote areas where the Gospel needs to be shared. And we began our work in June 2020 in Mexico.

About Our Outpost in Pakistan

After we officially started missionary work in Mexico, we took that knowledge and later that year we began implementing what we learned in Pakistan. In the beginning of 2021 then we opened another Outpost in Zambia. This is where by God’s grace, we are building Camp Gideon. We currently have a clinic, which sustains our school. We also have a small radio and television network we use to share the Gospel of Jesus far and wide.


Hello brothers and sisters! Special Forces Ministry International is seeking volunteers ready to go. We have a team we’d like for you to join in Pakistan and Zambia.

This will be a round-trip, requiring two months of missionary service where is available. Whoever wants to serve the Lord with their skills and abilities is invited to fill out the form by clicking here and get in contact with us.

Special forces ministries international